Carpet Cleaning Cambridge and Essex

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our Professional Carpet and upholstery cleaning process is meticulous. We don’t cut corners and all our customers receive our full comprehensive service whether it be a single small room, a large fully furnished home or a commercial premises. We take pride in the results and service we deliver to our customers.

Quite simply, we choose to do things properly. In order to make sure we treat your carpets and upholstery correctly we will ask a few questions to establish what you require, such as general washing or washing & stain removal. And if you know, we will also ask what your carpet or upholstery is made of so that we can pre-treat it effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What stains can you remove?

We are able to remove food stains, red wine spillages, makeup stains and heavy foot traffic and more.

What’s the difference between washing the carpet and stain removal, don’t stains just come out anyway?

We can lift some stains through a standard carpet wash, however it will only be the very top layer and may still be seen although faded. With the full treatment of washing and stain removal, we get right into the carpet fibres ensuring a better result.

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