Oven Cleaning Cambridge

Do you require a reliable, specialist Oven & Kitchen appliance Cleaning service?

Professional Cleaning Services of Ovens, hobs, extractors, microwaves, agas and range cookers. The cleaning process varies in time, depending on the type & size of appliance and its current condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use caustic chemicals and a dip tank machine?

No, our products are Non Caustic which means your oven won’t get damaged, we do not use a dip tank machine we instead favour a dip tray and clean by hand in your home.

Will your products make my oven smell bad or smoke?

Because our products are Non Caustic and rinsed out thoroughly this ensures that no residue remains which is the culprit of smoke and bad smells.

Do you remove the glass, bulbs, fan panel and element?

Great question, we remove all 3 layers of glass to make sure it’s spotless and you can see all the way through.  We remove the bulb covers and fan panels too, we even clean the fan. This means the light will be brighter and no grease will blow through the panel or run down into your food. We cannot remove elements from your oven but we do make sure they are cleaned.