Commercial Cleaning Service

You spend 5 days per week on the whole practically living in your office space, with visitors coming and going also. 

The build up of dust, food residue and foot traffic can be overwhelming once you’ve noticed it,  your office space may start to look anything but welcoming and professional.

Luckily we are here to help, we can turn it around fast and get you back to the high standard you deserve!, we just can’t supply you with the coffee to get you through the day.

We do everything from De-cobwebbing and dusting to toilets, kitchenettes, reception areas, carpets/Hard floors… and of course your beloved desks. While we’re there we’ll even spruce up your phones and keyboards, even banish finger marks from screens unless you specify otherwise.


It’s a dog eat dog world in the retail sector, todays market demands are soaring with the need for cleanliness, professionalism and general customer satisfaction being high priority for survival.

The physical impression that customers will have of your retail business is the first one that will set you apart from the rest, therefore its crucial that this impression is of a clean, tidy  standard that customers admire and respect. In turn customers spread the word enabling more business to walk through your doors and more positive feedback to come your way.

Here at New Life PA, we carry out Commercial cleaning at an affordable cost, helping our retailers and shopkeepers stay a foot in-front of the competition without breaking the bank. We have personalised cleaning packages to suit, at times that won’t interfere with your busy opening hours.

If you are interested in getting to know us better and obtaining a free quote for our Commercial Cleaning Service’s please get in touch.

Our Retail Remit:


Car Showrooms


Local Parish’s

Dental Practices

Veterinary Surgery’s

Insurance Company’s Offices


Commercial Cleaning Office

Empty Commercial Units

It’s no secret, the retail sector can yo-yo, shops open and then close down leaving empty units along our local high-streets and in shopping centres. They seem to stand empty for months at a time collecting dirt and dust, even graffiti.

We understand that they may not have new owners yet, however we have the tools to give the empty units New Life making them more attractive for perspective buyers who want to envisage their dream without feeling overwhelmed by the dirt.

So whether the shop interior stays the same or its being re-furbished, why not book Our Commercial Cleaning Service up today.  The nicer it smells, the shinier it looks the more likely it will be wanted.